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It’s important to clean your keyboards, laptop and computer screens and other peripherals like mouse pads, mouse and cell and landline phones at least once a week. They harbor many germs. You will need a packet of anti-bacterial wipes, a used toothbrush, ear buds and a clean cloth. Remember not to use an alcohol-based item on your computer or laptop screen.

Here is an excellent video: (scroll down to “clean your keyboard”) which explains how to do it.

I recommend the disk and screen cleaning wipes they sell at Musica or DisChem but any anti-bacterial wipes are good as long as they are not baby wipes. Don’t forget to wipe down your laptop bag as well. It’s important to turn off your laptop and unplug it from the socket before you begin. Here is a quirky infographic which explains how to do this in a fun way:   


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