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Tip of the Month: Vision & Hearing Impaired

  • 07
  • April
  • 2015

Vision & Hearing Impaired

Here are some online tips to make your computer experience a little easier if you are vision impaired:

If you have an iPad, you might like to look at these apps to make your life a little easier:

apps for the hearing or vision impaired

On your iPhone or iPad, when Voiceover is enabled, you will hear a description of what is happening. A gesture-based screen reader lets you enjoy the fun and simplicity of iOS even if you can’t see the screen. With Voiceover enabled, just triple-click the Home button in order to access it wherever you are in iOS. You will hear a description of everything happening on your screen, from battery level to who’s calling to which app your finger is on. You can adjust the speaking rate and pitch to suit you.

With Voiceover, you’ll use a simple set of gestures to control your iOS device. For example, touch or drag your finger around the screen and Voiceover tells you what’s there. Tap a button to hear a description; double-tap to activate. Swipe up or down to adjust a slider. Flick left and right to move from one app to the next. When you interact with an element on the screen, a black rectangle appears around it, so sighted users can follow along. When you prefer privacy, you can activate a screen curtain to turn off the display so no one can see it, even as you’re controlling it. And when Voiceover is talking, the volume of any background audio from music or video automatically lowers, “ducking” under the voice, so you can hear Voiceover clearly.

Here is my Voki Paul explaining more about “Voiceover”:



American Foundation for the Blind:

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