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Six Valuable Email Rules

  • 05
  • March
  • 2015

Six valuable email rules

After reading a review of the book “How Google works” by former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt & former Google senior vice president of products, Jonathan Rosenberg, I thought that some of these email rules might be worth considering again. I know we covered the topic in August 2013 – but here are some other ideas on this important topic.

Six Helpful Email Rules

  1. Respond quickly to your mail before it becomes irrelevant. This way, you are likely to close the communication loop that is essential in business and team building. Even a short “seen your email” is better than no response at all.
  2. Keep your writing short, crisp and to the point. Don’t waffle. Revise, edit, delete and eliminate unnecessary sentences.
  3. Clean out your inbox regularly. The rules are OHIO – only hold it once. Either you read it and act on it immediately, read it and act on it later or read it later. If something has to be done, do it straight away. Otherwise, don’t download your mail until you have the time to respond to it.
  4. LIFO (last in first out). If something is important, it will be sent to you again or it will have become redundant.
  5. Make following up requests easy for yourself and for others. If you need to make sure that the action is completed, file a copy of the note into a “follow up” folder or manually diarise the item for a future time. Email assists in reminding people to do a task. Set a reminder on your smartphone if it’s an urgent task.
  6. Help yourself to find items in the future. File the email or scanned attachment with specific keywords or into specific folders that will assist you. For example, scan and email yourself any important documents and file them somewhere safe e.g. a folder called Important Family documents. If these items are mislaid they will be easier to replace or retrieve later. You will be able to find a copy through your online email browser if you are away from home.  Remember also to consider using “The Vault” (iPad, iPhone) or 1 Password (android) to save pictures, scans or passwords very safely in an encrypted environment.

Acknowledgements:  E.Schmidt & J.Rosenberg: “How Google Works”, available from Amazon through this link: in hard and soft cover and for a Kindle or an audio CD. About the authors: Publishers: Hachette, UK. ISBN: 9781444792485

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