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Creating a WhatsApp Group

  • 30
  • June
  • 2015

How to Create a Whats App Group

Many of you might be using Whats App in preference to a sms when sending messages between smart phones. The advantages are that on a South African data bundle you would only pay about 2c per minute. I won’t be discussing the new voice over internet protocol (VOIP) here as it hasn’t been properly tested yet, and neither have I tried it.

I have found that setting up a Whats App group has been very convenient. Examples are groups I have with my UCT colleagues and with my family. They ensure that everyone sees important messages without your having to send duplicate sms’s. If you are not sure whether your cell phone supports Whats App, here is an article where you can make sure:

Here is a link to download the application on your device:

Watch out however for scams like this one: and make sure that the sms’s you receive come from a reliable source.

To set up a Whats App group:

  • Open Whats App and click on the CHAT option or screen
  • Tap on the NEW GROUP button
  • Give the group a name or topic e.g. STEYN FAMILY
  • Choose an icon or photo in the “add photo” circle
  • Add the group participants by selecting the + sign or by going to “next”
  • Continue until you’ve added all your group members you need
  • Click on CREATE to finish creating the group
  • Send a friendly test message to your group!

As you will be the group administrator, you can add or delete people in your group and change the group icon. It’s very important to ensure that family or group members don’t send inappropriate messages as they are shared with the whole group and can be hurtful or embarrassing.

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