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App of the Month: SANTAM & “Be Safe”

  • 30
  • June
  • 2015


Family members and I have been experimenting with the SANTAM “Be safe” app, recently tested and made available on Android and iOS platforms.

Your chosen friends or family member can virtually accompany you on your bike ride, walk or run on the mountain or en route to your holiday destination.

They will be notified when you reach your destination or have completed your exercise routine. If you are delayed, they will receive an sms.

App of the Month: SANTAM

How does it work?

  • You choose your activity (walking, running, cycling, driving)
  • Enter the starting point of your destination
  • Note the estimated duration of your journey
  • Select one or multiple “guardians” who will monitor your progress
  • These guardians will receive a notification when you begin and when you have completed your journey, hike etc.
  • You are in complete control of when and where you need a guardian to avoid “lurkers” or being checked on when you feel it is unnecessary. It is a closed group.
  • It works across all platforms (e.g. wife can be on Android while husband is on an iOS platform).

The app would be useful if you were doing a duty on “Neighborhood Watch” at night. Guardians can see your progress on a map. It would also be useful if you had children out camping, on a road trip or on a matric “rage” for example.

There is another feature on this app which includes a simple step by step accident or incident report, including scanning the barcode of your and another vehicles’ licenses, recording audio and video or taking photos. Often in the highly charged moments after an accident, emotions take over and you might forget important details that your insurance broker would need.

Link to SANTAM’S “Be safe” iTunes or Google Play:

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