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App of the Month: 2048

  • 08
  • December
  • 2014


This sliding game available at the Apple iStore and for Android computers reached the top 10 apps of the year on the Time Magazine list recently. It is based on the old-fashioned plastic sliding blocks puzzle that some of you might remember.

You have to move the tiles by swiping on the touch screen (board). Two tiles with the same number merge when they touch. You have to obtain the 2048 tile to win but you lose when the board fills up and you can’t make any more moves.


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Because it was designed by Italian designer and developer Gabriele Cirulli in open source code, it has been copied many times, but the original Apple link for Cirulli’s app is here:

The game is available on Google play at

2048 for Chrome is another option: where you can play the game offline if you are data-strapped. Cirulli commented in his blog that the game had been played by over 23 million people by May 2014.

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